Swipe Files: Content Creation for Difficult People

Writing web and email content can sometimes push you right to the edge of your comfort zone — if you’re doing it right.

When I was selling semiconductor equipment in Silicon Valley, I’ll never forget the time a potential customer asked me why my company chose to outsource a specific component instead of create a unified piece of hardware all under one roof.

Knowing that our competition proudly built this particular part in-house (and probably used it as a selling point), I felt that this customer was implying that outsourcing made for a weaker system.

I braced myself and answered the truth, which was that our supplier was world-famous for this particular piece of engineering…why re-invent the wheel when it was flawlessly manufactured elsewhere? It was made by the best and it worked perfectly with our software.

Well, that wasn’t the end of it. He needed convincing by some of our top engineers, but at least his question moved the discussion forward!

Seek out people who challenge you — and write better content and marketing copy.

Read the full article over at the super-busy (still good content, though) MyTeamConnects


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