Swipe Files: The Grocery Store Technique

How many times have you sat down to do a little writing, and thought to yourself: “While I’m here, I might as well check my email for a few minutes,” or, “Let me just check the morning news and then I’ll get straight to work,” or even, “five minutes of reading my favorite author will give me all the inspiration to get to work.”

We all know how these stories end. One minute of an activity that’s supposed to take no time at all usually stretches into 20 minutes. All of a sudden, there’s barely any time left for writing.

A couple days of this in a row and desperation sets in. If there’s an imminent deadline on the horizon, we even start questioning ourselves as writers.

Of course, this is a danger that can happen throughout the day. We always think that we’ll be a different person tomorrow and won’t waste our own precious writing time anymore. Who better to fix the problem than our older, wiser selves?

 Full article at thewritercamp.com


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