Swipe Files: 5 Writing and Productivity Links You Can Use

The Unexpected Antidote to Procrastination
Procrastination: that merciless thief of our time, creative output, and potential reward. Mr. Bergman delivers a unique — but convincing — argument on how we can put an end to it for good.

How A Copywriter Evaluates A Great Website Like Square
Some websites immediately grab your attention with impeccable design. But without equally skillful copy, the reader drifts away. Mr. Robisch deconstructs the copy of one particularly good website to show us how it’s done.

The Daily Rituals of the World’s Most Creative People
This headline’s a little much for my taste, so if you don’t feel like clicking it, here’s the tl;dr … cigarettes, showers, coffee, and walking. Though you’ll have to handle these creative tools at your own risk, I would generally vouch for their effectiveness. Sometimes.

4 Things That Lead to Success (or Failure) with Email Signup Forms
We’d respectfully suggest that email marketing might just be the content producer’s most powerful weapon. But if you don’t get the permission-based opt-in, you can’t deliver the rest of your message. Mr. Crestodina illustrates the four factors that make the difference between success and failure in email marketing.

How to Do More By Planning Less: The Power of the Anti-Plan
Mr. Newport is a reliable source of counterintuitive but thoughtful ways to get more done. If you find that traditional productivity planning hasn’t served you well, consider his “anti-method” instead.

Full article at copyblogger


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