My Personal Top 11 Videogames of 2010

I’m somewhat late for this post, but better late than never, I guess. Oh, I should probably introduce what the heck I’m talking about. If you didn’t gather from the catchy title, I have created a list of the best games I played in 2010. I know, I know, this is not an original idea. Every magazine, podcast, website, and blog publishes  what they believe are the top games of the past year and truthfully, I’m only creating my own due to “me too” gene that affects many surrounding the video game industry.

So here we go.

11. Words with Friends

Available for IOS, and maybe elsewhere, Words with Friends is a charming Scrabble clone that takes the table-top game to new multiplayer levels. The beauty, however, lies in the play-at-your-leisure feature. This allows you to play a word, send it to your competitor, and then wait until they play their word. Push notifications, chat, and leaderboards are available.

10. Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat was an Xbox Live Summer of Arcade release that surprised many. Made by Uber Entertainment, MNC offers a unique blend of Valve’s popular Team Fortress combined with Blizzard’s offshoot brand Defense of the Ancient (DotA). While I have never played DotA, folks tend to say that, so I won’t argue. I have had a great time with this one all year.

9.  Mass Effect 2

While this blockbuster of a game came out in January of last year, it sticks out in my mind as one of the best releases of the year. I was not AS enamored with this one, or the first for that matter, as everyone else, but I can certainly see the draw. I loved the combat in ME2. They seemed to streamline the worst parts of ME1 and make a concise experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

8. Pinball FX2

What, are you scoffing at me choosing, yet another, XBLA release? What can I say? I love the download titles. FX2 does everything that FX1 does with the exception of the one feature. That feature is enough to drive this game to be played almost daily. The feature, of course, is the inclusion of extremely user friendly leaderboards. Now, you can track your score along side your friendslist, providing endless hours of ‘ Just one more game. I can beat that crap!’

7. DeathSmiles

This horizontal shmup drained many, many hours from me last year, and I’m still pretty terrible at it. I can’t get enough of CAVE shooters though. The manic pace combined with the iterative progress I gain with each play-through makes this game worth $40. I think you can probably pick it up now for around $30 for the limited edition.

6. Super Meat Boy

Wow- this game blew everyone away this year that was born between the years of 1980 and 1990. We grew up playing the Megamans, the Marios, and all the other platform games that made us want to pull our hair out. That was training us for this game. Or maybe, SMB is training us for something greater? Either way, the 8-bit style and super tight controls make this game a must pick for the list.

5. MLB The Show 2010

This is the most realistic sports game ever created. If you crave a simulation videogame, no matter if your a casual baseball fan or a hardcore one, this is the game for you. Although, if you don’t like baseball at all, this game won’t change your mind. The pacing, the style, graphics, and Jesus, just the atmosphere is exactly like the ballpark. All it needs for next year is licensed advertisers.

4. Blur

This title was a victim of poor release timing. Getting buried by Split Second, Blur hardly made a blip on a lot of radars. This game is great! A modern MarioKart clone with unlicensed cars, it’s really too bad there won’t be a sequel to polish what this game brought to arcade racing. I was a huge fan of the Project Gotham series, Geometry Wars, and especially The Club.  RIP Bizarre Creations.

3. Resident Evil 5

I actually didn’t care for this title the first time I played it. I rented it over a weekend and hated the tank controls and slow paced zombies. However, on a whim, I picked it up from the Games On Demand service and began playing it casually between disc based game sessions. Slowly, it took over my disc sessions 2 to 1. I continue to bring up this game to slay a few ‘infected’ every other week or so. Love it.

2. NBA2k11

Remember when I said that MLB is the best simulation videogame? It is. I just like basketball more than baseball.  Once the steep learning curve is overcome, the enjoyment from completing a true, 12-minute quarter, NBA game, is un-matched. I love the stat tracking, the inclusion of Jordan, and most importantly, the ability to go through my annual franchise with the Blazers

1. Fifa 11

This is it folks, my number one game of 2010! Fifa 11 was it for me. I know, I know, it’s another sports title, but I can’t help it. I sank more time in to this game than any other BY FAR. The kicker is I did this without the promise of hardly any achievements points. I just played online matches with random folks and tried to get better and better. I think my overall ‘Matches Played’ is over 500. I can’t get enough. I even dropped this title in today for a quick fix.

Well, thats the list guys, thanks for sticking with me. Hope you got a chance to check out some of these games last year and if not, they’re on the CHEAP right now, so dial up some amazon.


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