An Introduction

Oh, the pressure leading to disappoint, the feelings of a first post on a new blog.

Wow, that made me sound like a blog slut.

I am no such thing, but I can’t say this is my first time.

I started ‘Willie’s Successive Outlook‘ (wsoutlook) about a year ago. I posted twice. While that may seem like a failure in blogging to some, I see it as an accomplishment. With the bar set discouragingly low, I plan to blow my old ‘blogecord’ (like blog and record combined…no?…doesn’t work?)…blow my old -blogging record- out of the water.

Moving on.

This blog has a focus.

The focus is as follows:

I spend all day, everyday, writing technical documentation for a website development firm. I have done this job for approximately four months, before that I was in college. Never did I realize how being stripped of all creative, sarcastic, downright snarky forms of writing would cause my soul so much angst. Being an English major with a Journalism background, I had leeway to express my own style and voice. Even cranking out term papers on Faulkner or an article about the new skateboarding rules on campus allowed the ‘ME’ to come through. The same is not the case for my new job.

There is a format to follow.

This blog is the antidote to my 8-5 format hell.

So the focus is, basically anything except technical specification writing.

To learn about me feel free to read the ‘About me’ section, currently unpublished. I’m searching for the perfect writer, on Craigslist of course,  to come to my house and dictate my life story from within the shower with me, concisely boil it down, write an ‘About me’ section that is amusing and riveting, and not charge over $40.  I do own several large  Ziplock bags in order to keep your recording device dry while we shower together and I speak of the amazing journey I’ve taken while on this great spinning rock.

I’m married, and just joking by the way. I won’t put a disclaimer like this in the future, but after reading that back to myself I thought that someone might take my sarcasm the wrong way. Being the first post and all I don’t want to set a ‘creepy’ tone. Ha, too late.


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